About Company

                      New Hues Painting is an incredible painting company dedicated to providing it’s clients with quality paint finishes and long lasting results. We have been working hard for the last 10 years in the Oakville, Burlington, Milton and surrounding areas.
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                      House Painting

                      Painting the interior of your home is serious business. At least here at New Hues Painting we consider it to be! We understand that you need to trust the people you let into your homes, who will work around some of your most prized possessions.
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                      Often when it comes to commercial interior painting projects it can seem like they take forever to finish! New Hues Painting is not a stranger to the painting world, we make a commitment of speed and quality in every painting exterior or interior project we complete.
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                      Certified & Fully Insured Painters

                      Exterior & Interior Painting Oakville

                      Quick Quote

                      Painting is our craft! But serving you is our business. From the furniture to the wall hangings, the interior of your home can tell a lot about you, and it starts with the paint job! When you need the best painting services, trust New Hues Painting. For the last 10 years, we have delivered nothing short of exceptional painting jobs. From interior painting to exterior painting services New Hues Painting is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional services and unparalleled quality workmanship. We serve Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Mississauga, Hamilton, Waterdown and surrounding areas for all your interior painting services. Our contractors work hard to make sure your paint job is precise and detailed just how you want it!

                      We offer many painting services for your interior painting needs! We are experienced in interior painting for all residential buildings, commercial buildings such as, retail stores, gas stations, parking garages, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, and more! We offer both interior and exterior services for all markets mentioned! Our use only the best quality painting products and produce the best painting results! Our work speaks for itself, visit the Gallery (link to Gallery page) page and take a look yourself!

                      Our interior painting services include:

                      • Full room preparation
                      • Filling nail holes
                      • Sanding rough areas
                      • Straight cut lines
                      • Correcting blemishes
                      • Caulking gaps in trim
                      • Smooth and long lasting finishes

                      Our goal as a painting company is to provide you a with a beautiful interior paint job to enhance your living and working environment. We'll make sure that your home or commercial building is a representation of you and your creativity. Painting is an art form and that should be maintained whether it is the interior paint of your home or your commercial building. Choose New Hues Painting for all of your interior painting services and we guarantee satisfaction. Call us today and receive a free quote!

                      New Hues Painters

                      Our mission is to ensure results of the utmost elegance and beauty, whether it is painting your residential interior wall or factory repainting.

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